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               For  47 years, Drenon Auction has provided professional services to Benton and surrounding counties in Missouri.

                       From Real Estate and farm equipment to antiques and estate sales, we can sell it for you! 

In 1969, Larry attended Mason City, Iowa  School of Auctioneering and started Drenon Auction Service. Now, many hundreds of central Missouri auctions later, Larry sells with the same motto: treat everyone with honesty, respect, and integrity.

At a young age, Larry started working at a livestock auction, and later was given the privilege of auctioning the cattle there.  He eventually owned/operated the livestock auction.  Thus auctioneering became his passion;  a passion he still enjoys after almost 45 years. Even though the  livestock auction torch has                                                                    now been passed, Larry, along with youngest son Laramie,  keeps busy with                                                                       on-site auctions.                                                                           

Larry and his wife, Linda, live on a farm near Lincoln where Larry                                                                                      raises beef cattle and quarter and paint horses.Linda cashiers the                                                                                   auctions and is owner/broker of United Country Lincoln Realty in Lincoln, MO.

Laramie attended Missouri Auction school. In addition to auctioning                                                       

on sale day, he is involved in the advertising and marketing side of the                                                                            auction business. 

Lacey (Drenon) Smallwood has been clerking and cashiering the  sales                                                                              for over twenty years. She is a real estate broker at United Country                                                                         Lincoln Realty. 

Bea McGhee, or "Grandma Bea" as everyone calls her, has been cashiering the sales for twenty years. She mothers everyone by making sure they eat and drink plenty of water during the auctions! 

George Keightley has been a mainstay in  Drenon Auction  for over thirty years. He and his wife, Wilma, are "family" and we just can't do without them, even though George has been talking about retirement for a few years now!  

William McGhee and Kole Fulton  help set up  the sales, and work as ring men. William lives  near Windsor, and works for the auction company in between trips to the South Pacific. Kole lives with his family in Lincoln. In his spare time you can find him trying for 8 seconds on a rowdy bull!  Dotty Wood started working for us this year. She helps Bea with cashiering duties. With her infectious smile and positive attitude, she makes a great addition to the team. 

Call today to schedule your auction. Whether it be farm or recreational land, residential houses, commercial real estate, antiques, or estate sales, and for professional, courteous service, Drenon Auction is ready to serve you!